River Road; Riverside Drive to 1450 South – St. George Utah – $3.7 Million

Working with leadership at the City of St. George, Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Civil Science Harmony Public Involvement (HPI) designed and implemented a Marketing and Public Involvement Plan to utilize during the construction of improvements on River Road. 

To successfully communicate with the public, HPI held an Open House, designed a targeted Direct Mail Campaign, engaged in Social Media Outreach throughout the project, performed in-person communications, enhanced outreach to adjacent businesses, weekly on-site coordination, email updates to stakeholders, and management of messaging throughout the project.

SR-130; Cedar to Midvalley Rd – Cedar City & Enoch, Utah – $5.1 Million

HPI will lead the Public Involvement efforts and educate residents about the proposed roundabout at the intersection of SR-130 and Midvalley Rd in Enoch. The intersection has seen several accidents including a fatal crash. A Public Involvement Plan was developed working closely with the UDOT Project Manager, UDOT Region 4 Communications Manager and Enoch City. The Public Involvement features local education initiatives including coordination with area Driver’s Education Instructors, early interactions with Key Stakeholders, a public Open House, regular presentations at Enoch City Council Meetings, development of a brochure highlighting all improvements, utilizing Enoch City Newsletter to effectively and economically communicate with all citizens, pre-construction Direct Mail Campaign, weekly engagement with project team and citizens during construction, and project updates through traditional and social media. 

St. George Regional Airport (SGU) – The Master Plan Project – St.George, Utah

HPI was brought on as a consultant with McFarland Johnson who is firm of record for this impactful project to design the first Master Plan for SGU. HPI has created a unique Public Involvement Plan to meet the scope of work established by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and St. George City. There are four primary components to the plan including continued stakeholder input through surveying at SGU, a Dixie Transportation Booth for further community interaction, representation at a St. George City Community Open House, presentations at the City of St. George, Washington City, Washington County Council and the FAA. In addition, HPI will help facilitate a Steering Committee made up of SGU users, local government officials, and Dixie MPO members. This team will meet in person or virtually depending on current health requirements.

SR-59; Passing Lanes – Hildale through Apple Valley, Utah – $4.5 Million

This project is several miles long and will provide much needed passing lanes, turn lanes and wider shoulders between Hildale and Apple Valley, Utah. With the large area of the project, a PI Plan was devised to communicate with these stakeholders and provide them with consistent communications tools throughout the project. Initial presentations were made at Apple Valley and Hildale City Council meetings.Coordination efforts were also directed to the Kaibab Indian Reservation as SR-59 is their main route into more urban areas. A direct mail campaign was initiated to reach both residents and businesses in the city limits and within the county. HPI established a project hotline, database, contact logbook and UDOT Project Page to effectively track Stakeholder interactions. Throughout the project, HPI maintained UDOT Level III branding in all communications tools.

US-89; Barrier Replacement Project – Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah – $900,000

The area for the project is a hub for heavy commuter and commerce traffic in UDOT Region 3. It is a fast-moving project which will require use of UDOT Level 1 branding. Initial Stakeholder visits will be made to surrounding local governments creating a communications network to inform users of possible impacts. Project Hotline, logbook, and UDOT Project Page will be established. HPI will work with the project team weekly to inform Stakeholders of possible impacts.

Past Projects

SGU – The Runway Project

Working with leadership at the City of St. George, Harmony Public Involvement HPI) designed a Marketing and Public Involvement Plan to utilize during the closure of the St. George Regional Airport (SGU) for extensive repairs on a section of runway. These plans included branding, printed materials, development of project-specific database, Public Involvement at two Open Houses, Chamber of Commerce Presentation, planning and facilitation of an on-site Media Day during heavy construction, writing and creating weekly email updates to over 500 Stakeholders, and participation with the Project Marketing Team consisting of members from City of St. George, Skywest, Greater Zion and SGU. Other Public Involvement tasks included SGU Facebook Posts, updates to SGU Website, participation with the Construction Team at weekly meetings, and management of messaging throughout the project.

SR-31; Fairview to Junction 264

Harmony Public Involvement (HPI) was brought on-board to lead the Public Involvement efforts to a unique set of Stakeholders utilizing SR-31. The road is used by coal and timber trucks and recreationists. A Public Involvement Plan was developed working closely with the UDOT Project Manager. The Public Involvement featured early interactions with the coal companies, timber companies, Fairview City and Mount Pleasant City. In addition, this winding, steep road was narrowed to one lane controlled with Traffic Signals for several weeks. Communicating this impact was done through extensive PI and a targeted Direct Mail Piece.

SR-10; Ferron, Castle Dale, Huntington

This project involved creating a Public Involvement Plan, preparing and facilitating presentations for the City Councils in each town and outreach to all Stakeholders adjacent to SR-10. Part of the PI Plan was a Direct Mail Piece outlining the scope of the project, days of construction and contact information. The project was branded using UDOT Level III design. Special attention was given to the various local celebrations during construction and making sure the project schedule accommodated these. City Leadership and Stakeholder coordination in each city was key as access to properties was impacted at various times during construction. 

Leeds Main Street

Harmony Public Involvement (HPI) took a proactive approach to this impactful project. The construction time on this project was short but required heightened Stakeholder interaction to communicate the schedule and impacts. HPI managed and facilitated meetings with the City Council, Mayor Wayne and Peggy at Leeds City Offices. With the speed of the project, the contractor had requested NO on-street parking during the three critical weeks of roadway construction. The HPI Team engaged with Stakeholders to inform of this situation and encourage compliance. We discovered lots of kind people in Leeds. 

I-15 Exit 16 Partnering, I-15 400 S Underpass Partnering, & I-15 MP 37-42 Climbing Lane Partnering

Harmony Public Involvement (HPI) was contracted by UDOT to conduct Partnering on these projects. HPI worked closely with the each UDOT Resident Engineer and contractor to customize each Partnering to address unique concerns. Partnering activities included team-building exercises, exploring possible impacts to the public, safety, conflict management, developing trust and effective communication channels, delivering a project completed on-time and on-budget and creating an enjoyable work environment.

PLPCO Open Houses Richfield, Manti, Cedar City

Harmony Public Involvement (HPI) was contacted by Somers-Jaramillo & Associates to join their team on this unique project. This was our first project as a company, and it required assisting and facilitating Open Houses to gather input regarding Utah’s Roadless Rule Petition through the Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office. 

Future Projects

Hurricane City 100 North

Hurricane City 700 West