Harmony Public Involvement is a public communications company.

We genuinely care about people and the challenge of representing all interested parties to achieve an equitable outcome. Individuals matter. Whether on the project team or those impacted by public improvement projects, we treat all with respect.

We exhibit integrity in all our dealings. Our word is our bond. Early mornings to late nights, you’ll find us available with a willing attitude and a work ethic unsurpassed in the industry.

We are your perfect partner and are fully vested in the favorable outcome of your project. Through planning, execution, and wrap-up, our team works to implement traditional and digital marketing tools to deftly communicate and achieve success.

Harmony Public Involvement is where people matter and communicating with them is our expertise.

Current Projects

I-15 Cable Barrier; Millard/Juab County Line to Nephi

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) will be Installing new cable barrier along I-15 from just north of Scipio to Nephi. Communication tools for this

project included creating a flier for distribution to municipalities and freeway interchange businesses throughout the corridor, updating the UDOT Project Page and Traffic app, attending coordination meetings, resolving Stakeholder concerns, managing hotline/text communications, and keeping an accurate logbook.

I-15; Bridges Cedar City – East Nichols Canyon Road

This project replaced two bridges on I-15 near milepost 61 over East Nichols Canyon Road in Cedar City, UT. It was imperative that the PI Plan included timely updates of the UDOT Traffic App and project page, coordination with Cedar City in creating accurate messaging for the various traffic impacts, organizing a watch event as the crews slid the bridge deck into place in 9 hours, overnight and careful coordination with adjacent businesses and the Iron County School District Bus Garage.

project included creating a flier for distribution to municipalities and freeway interchange businesses throughout the corridor, updating the UDOT Project Page and Traffic app, attending coordination meetings, resolving Stakeholder concerns, managing hotline/text communications, and keeping an accurate logbook.

SR-18: The Ledges

This project is a collaborative effort between Washington County, and UDOT with Sunroc as the contractor. A fast-moving project requires a Public Involvement Plan to message a variety of Stakeholders including local traffic, commuter traffic, bicycle traffic, commercial traffic carrying agriculture products from central Utah, IRONMAN Athletes, and tourists.

US-89 Orderville and Sands Passing Lanes

The Utah Department of Transportation created new passing lanes on US-89 at the southern end of the Orderville and Sands Recreation Area. This project also included improvements to drainage and shoulder areas. Additionally, In the town of Orderville, a new concrete sidewalk, curb, and gutter were installed.

Public Involvement efforts for this project included a presentation to the Orderville Town council, a USPS Direct Mailer to the residents of the town, weekly email updates to any concerned stakeholders, and bi-weekly project visits.

Hurricane 1150 West

The City of Hurricane is currently conducting an environmental study regarding the future roadway and powerline at 1150 W between 400 S and 3000 S. 

Harmony Public Involvement is leading public outreach efforts for this project. We have contacted stakeholders face to face as well as through mail to invite them to a public open house. Nearly 200 residents attended the meeting and many provided comments about the project!


Old Hwy 91 – Hurricane

On Old Highway 91 the City of Hurricane improved and created a new roadway. Crews used a roto milling machine to remove existing asphalt, then created a new concrete roadway in the existing location. This roadway services many businesses, specifically large trucks which require a more substantial roadway than the previous asphalt.

HPI developed and maintained a working relationship with all involved stakeholders on this project through consistent outreach. Both digital and in-person methods of communication were employed.

3000 East Improvements – St. George City

St. George City is improving the 3000 East Corridor in six phases. The project will add capacity, improve drainage, and upgrade utilities where applicable. Public Involvement for this project includes Stakeholder/neighborhood outreach, updating of the city Project Page, coordination with schools in the impacted areas, actively participating in project discussions, communication with various events utilizing the corridor, and effective partnering with the Public Works department and contractor.

Old Hwy 91 – 200 E to Shivwits – Ivins

This project will improve the Old Hwy 91 Corridor in this area by building two new roundabouts, an extended Active Transportation Trail, drainage upgrades, and landscaping. PI tools include developing applicable UDOT Level Branding/Project Page, printing/distributing project contact cards to stakeholders, presentation to Ivins City Council to share the construction schedule and develop rapport; generating Stakeholder Database for weekly or bi-weekly email updates, partnering with Ivins City and Key Stakeholders to get information disseminated to their residents through municipality social media and local social media i.e., Facebook, Next Door, etc.


What People Say About Us

“Great job you two! Thank you for taking the hard calls and keeping the public and us informed.”

Sam Grimshaw, UDOT R4 Design Engineer 4

“I have had the pleasure of utilizing the public involvement services provided by Lisa Beck and Michael Beck on a road reconstruction project lined with homes on both sides. The work of Lisa and Michael proved invaluable to the City, minimizing the amount of time required by City Staff to deal with problems and complaints that invariably come with a project like this. Many residents commented to me about how much they appreciated their interaction with these two individuals. I hope to be able to work with Lisa and Michael in the future.”

Arthur LeBaron, PE, PLS, CFM, Hurricane City Engineer

Thank you Mike & Lisa for all your help on this project, you were a key role and handled everything very professionally!

Kelly Cox, Construction Area Manager, Sunroc

Harmony Public Involvement (HPI) was a dream to work with during our four-month runway closure project at the St. George Regional Airport. Lisa and her team worked closely with the City and the Airport to set up special social media information outlets to educate and inform the public in an entertaining and non-confrontational way about a project that was very unpopular and potentially a PR nightmare.  HPI attended weekly safety and coordination meetings during the project to ensure that they were current with the latest construction updates and safety issues. At the end of the project, HPI coordinated an open house for the public that was instrumental in turning the public’s feelings about the project from negative to an overall positive experience. HPI will be a partner again in our future projects.

Richard Stehmeier, Airport Manager, St George Regional Airport